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A morning walk when you are alcohol-free

A walk on the beach Redondo California

10/10 recommend a planned walk with a friend as a means to catch up.

Lisa and I try to do this once a month or so as our schedules permit. THIS IS SELF CARE!!!

We meet at a cute neighborhood coffee shop and we cue up our fitness devices and we GO!!! We are blessed and fortunate to live in beach towns and our walks are usually along the bike path at the beach.

In summertime we dress to expose the most skin for tanning opportunities (did you know that sunscreens are loaded with toxins and block our absorption of vitamin D?), and in winter, like on this particular walk, we wear our layers and set off with warm beverages in our hands.

These are not strolls! Our pace is quick and our breathing audible. We chat about everything, from the weather, to our kids, to our businesses, to ALL of the abundance we both experience and our gratitude for all of the above.

These walks are soul FILLING. They are energy giving. They are life and love affirming.

Getting outdoors and moving our bodies are what we are meant to do! We are not meant to exist in artificially lit caves, sedentary while staring at devices.

There are a multitude of reasons why the mental health crisis is at an all-time high, and lack of fresh air and movement contribute significantly to this depressed society in which we find ourselves.

Go outside ... .you don’t have to dress up in designer activewear and you don’t need to go fast, or far. I encourage you to try this for a week and see if you don’t feel a marked improvement in your mood and how you feel physically. 

Stacey x

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Amanda Foster
Amanda Foster
Feb 03

Oh this is brilliant

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